How to Use Expired Domains For SEO in 2021

Backlinks were announced by Google in 2016 as one of three main ways to rank higher. SEO experts continue to advocate the use backlinks for authority sites.

To improve your search ranking, one of the best methods is to use expired domains.

This article will discuss expired domains and SEO. It will also show you how to maximize your output value using these domains.

How to use expired domains for building authority

Let’s start by understanding why expired domains can be useful for SEO. SEO is a complex subject. You should be familiar with the importance of inbound and outbound links to improve your website’s rankings.

Backlinks that direct people to your website (or backlinks) increase the authority of your website depending on which source website is authoritative.

Your website will be more authoritative if it has links that point to websites with high authority. Expired domains are an example of this.

Experts at assignment help UK say that expired domains mean websites that have stopped functioning because their owner has stopped paying for them or they were closed permanently. These domains would have been active for a while and you could leverage their authority.

There are many ways you can accomplish this. We now know why expired domains can be useful. Let’s move on to the “how”.

There are three ways to use expired domains with traffic in order to improve your SEO score:

Expired domains can be used to build links

This is a popular way to increase your SEO score. It doesn’t involve expired domains, but rather uses them to create backlinks to someone’s domain. Imagine a website suddenly being shut down that was high in search engine rankings and high in authority.

The website could have had many backlinks. Other websites might want to link to it to increase their authority. Ahrefs allows you to find websites linking to an expired domain and notify them of the broken link.

A custom essay service SEO manager suggests that you write an email to them describing how you found their website. Next, mention the broken link and then explain how the domain has expired.

You can go further and mention that you and the recipient might benefit from a new link that directs people towards your website.

You are providing value to the website owner in two ways:

  • They will be informed about the broken link to ensure that they do not lose their ranking.
  • You’re offering them a better option.

Based on its ranking and age, this website can be very beneficial for you and your website’s rank. It may be a domain with high authority. Other websites visiting the page will then link to your site. You’ll increase the number of people linking to your website and further enhance your website’s authority.

It will take time and research, but this will pay off long-term as you will have a snowball effect of backlinks that will continue increasing your website authority.

Your website should have high-quality content. If your website is not of high quality, your mail recipient might not consider it a substitute.

Use the 301 redirect technique

This amazing technique doesn’t take a lot of effort or time. It requires only a little bit of research to find relevant expired domains. This method requires you to use the 301 redirect technique to direct users to expired domains, which then redirects them back to your website.

This method increases your website authority quickly, and it takes only a few steps. You only need to go online to find expired domains of high authority with similar content to yours.

Once you have a list, you can modify a little of the code to make the website a front. The algorithm will first detect the domain authority and rank it higher than what you would normally get. Due to the domain authority expiring, people searching for similar content to yours will be shown your website. After that they will be redirected back to your site.

You can continue building your website authority and then disconnect from the domain to continue your work. This option is not yet accepted by Google so you could be penalized.

Avoid using expired domains as fronts. This will increase your chances of being penalized. If you do decide to use this technique, make sure it is relevant.

PBN Networks

The last method we will discuss is using a PBN. You will need to be able to comprehend both the advantages and disadvantages of using PBN networks as they are a high-risk, high-reward method.

Private Blog Network, or PBN, is a network of websites that you manage and link to other websites in order to rank high and increase authority. When you consider all links from all blogs combined, the outbound links are high. This quickly boosts website authority.

PBNs are not dependent on anyone else to create backlinks. PBNs are most often made from expired domains that have high authority since their inactivity.

Each domain is bought and new content is added. These links are then linked to sites that make money.

This method, as you might have guessed, is not one Google approves of and could result in a penalty or loss of authority. You will need to be careful not to get blacklisted by Google if you use a PBN to enhance authority.

You can build website authority by creating as many backlinks as you like from other websites, as long as your tricks aren’t being seen by Google. This is a high-risk, high-reward method. So choose wisely.


These are the three most popular ways to use expired domains for SEO. You can choose to use any of these methods, depending on the risk you are willing to take.

It is important to note that link building via expired domains is the best way to build website authority over the long-term and increase your SEO score. This option is safest if you want to see long-term results. Although it might take some time, you will see the benefits over time.